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Early Spring
7 – 12 May, 2023
Immersive Retreat, Ibiza

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"If you begin to understand what you are without trying to change it, then what you are undergoes a transformation.”

—Jiddu Krishnamurti

Welcome to Journey into Consciousness, an immersive Yoga and Meditation retreat to awaken greater meaning, purpose and joy in your life.

We arrive here in this physical body with a genetic blueprint, and a karmic imprint.

Your genetic blueprint will grow, open and unfold, like an apple tree. It is what you are here in this physical and energetic form. You can try to change it, and often, we spend our whole life trying to change it, when what we need to do is to accept what we are.

From there, we have the potential to grow and evolve in this physical form in a more flavoursome form, similar with how the well nourished apple tree would grow, as long as it was in the right environment, and watered with the correct nutrients.

With your physical body in place, your karmic imprint can incarnate into your body—ready to express itself in a multidimensional way, depending on its physical, social, cultural environment, and parental upbringing.

If you were a lizard, snake or even a cat or dog, you would be bound to play this karmic imprint out for the rest of your life, as it simply responds to the environment that it lives in. Yet for human beings, we have the hardware within our brains to stop, pause and redirect our Consciousness towards that which will grow and evolve you beyond the mineral, plant and animal kingdom, which are naturally bound by their environments.

How do we begin to take hold of the reins of our mind to redirect our mental and emotional compulsiveness to Consciousness?

Over the six days of Journey into Consciousness, you will learn a powerful Vinyasa Yoga sequence that is holistic and inclusive to all body types and levels. Getting your body to move and breathe is an essential first step.

You will then learn how to breathe with ease, depth and precision. Your breath lives in your deeper unconscious, and facilitates every system and function within your body, mind and energy. When you learn how to coordinate and control your breath, you are taking a major step towards holding the reins of your mind.

When breathing is stable, your mind will be stable. Only then can you begin to get to know yourself at the mental and emotional level. We do this through the undisputed power of meditation.

Learning how to meditate with your body, breath and mind stable is key for you to drop into deeper states of stillness. You will learn six steps to lead into meditation. Once you become familiar with these six steps—which you absolutely will—you will discover how your mind functions, and how to hold the reins of your mind, which will give you great insight and confidence to establish a transformational meditation practice into your everyday life.

You are unique! The way you respond to food, exercise and stress varies person to person, like our fingerprints. We will take a dive into holistic health, and how diet and lifestyle, specific to each individual needs, is a key cornerstone for your Journey into Consciousness. We have to get the basics right before getting into the deeper, potent work.

Hydration, nutrition, sleep, and rhythms are some of the topics we will look at, as well as how to support you with herbal medicine, muscle testing, and many more practical health and wellbeing practices. This is a topic both Malvina and Blair educate and live by.

Journey into Consciousness is for anyone seeking greater meaning and purpose in their life. The stresses of life are real, and they manifest in all kinds of physical and psychological dis-eases—from pain and suffering, to mental and emotional anxiety and depression. What we are sharing and offering helps you to learn to work with yourself in an empowering way, so that you can start or continue to heal yourself from the inside out, and begin to share your unique abilities with the world.

The meaning of life is to discover and develop your gifts and talents. The purpose of life is to share these gifts and talents, and your dharma is to remove the obstacles that are stopping you from doing that—that which is blocking your Consciousness, from seeing the truth of who you are, and what you are fully capable of achieving, offering and contributing to the world in a time where it is now a must to follow your heart’s calling, and to step into your life in a way that awakens greater Consciousness within you, and the people around you.

Supported by seasonal, organic produce from the pristine soil of Ibiza, served to you with love from Es Cucons—a peaceful space, located in the west coast of Ibiza. This is a powerful location with a potent stillness that holds space for you to go deep into the subtle body.

Bright and lush single or double rooms designed for comfort and deep rest available, based on your preference. A single is a private room of one, and a double is a shared room of two.


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Your investment includes full immersion, accommodation and meals in the retreat. Flights and transfers are not included.

Unfortunately, no refunds. Amounts can be credited towards a future immersive retreat, which fits your schedule.

In the event of a cancellation, we will refund the full amount, and will not be liable for any additional expenses incurred separately by the participant.

An additional Tourist Accommodation Tax for the Balearics is payable direct to the retreat space at €2,20 per person, per night.

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